Care Home Services

As a dispensing pharmacy we provide advice and support to the residents and staff within the care home over and above the Dispensing Essential service, to ensure the proper and effective ordering of drugs and appliances and their clinical and cost effective use, their safe storage, supply and administration, disposal and correct record keeping.

We Provide the Highest Level of Service to Care Homes

Our Specialist Care Home Departments work with a growing number of care homes throughout the UK. Our clients range from single owned operated homes to multiple operators. We can provide you with all the information you need about the services we offer, including: 

  1. Blister pack ( 7 days doses )
  2. Racked medication dispensing
  3. Original pack dispensing
  4. Delivery of monthly medication and interim medication

We have already been providing our service to multiple care home , therefore we have special care home department to focus more in specific tasks such as arranging prescriptions for care home resident and contacting surgery for missing prescriptions, giving you more time to focus on your residents