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We’re committed to fighting stigma around health issues, providing guidance and raising awareness to keep our patients healthy. Our key objective is to deliver a safe, effective healthcare service that goes above and beyond patient expectations.

NHS Services......

NHS Prescription Services

Providing NHS Prescription Service. 

Nominate Us As Your Pharmacy

You can choose us to be your nominated pharmacy to dispense and receive your repeat Prescriptions.

Order Your Repeat Prescriptions

You can choose us to be your nominated pharmacy to dispense and receive your repeat Prescriptions.

We Contact Your GP Surgery

We will contact your GP surgery and ask them to get us your repeat medication prescription.

We will dispense your medication

Once we receive your medication prescription we will dispense it according to your prescription.

Ready for Collection

Your medication is ready for collection as per your request or Deliver. We will also send you notification to let you know.

  Travel Clinic.....

Travel Clinic

We Provide Privet Travel Vaccination Service.

Travel with confidence Protect your self before your journey

Same Day Travel Vaccine

Without a doubt there is something very relaxing when there is one less appointment to remember.

We Are Yellow fever Clinic

Yellow fever (YF) is a vaccine preventable viral infection transmitted predominantly by certain species of day biting mosquitoes.

Malaria Tablets

Malaria is a potentially serious parasitic infection transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito.

Travel Guidance

Our Travel expert can give professional advise and information for your selected travel destination to keep you safe in your holiday.

  Care Home......

Community Pharmacy Care Home Service

As a  dispensing pharmacy we provide advice and support to the residents and staff within the care home over and above the Dispensing Essential service, to ensure the proper and effective ordering of drugs and appliances and their clinical and cost effective use, their safe storage, supply and administration, disposal and correct record keeping.

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